The Android 11 Beta Launch party will be livestreamed on June 3

Google delayed the Android 11 Beta launch to June 1 and scheduled a launch show for June 3. It will be all online, of course, as the traditional I/O event was canceled.

Below is the livestream for the event, it will start at 15:00pm UTC and will last an hour. It will focus on the new features in Android 11 and whats new for developers.

Google will also publish 12 binge-worthy talks on Android, starting with the basics (Whats new and Whats new in System UI) and covering many topics for developer and the Google Play ecosystem.

If youre hoping that Google will finally announce the Pixel 4a at the launch event (the Pixel 3a was unveiled at I/O 2019), then youre probably in for disappointment the 4a is not expected until mid-July according to unofficial info. There were some rumors of an early June launch, but Google never officially confirmed anything.