Radiangames Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary with ‘Bombcats’ Re-Release and Updates to Older Titles

This week solo developer Luke Schneider aka Radiangames is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of his first game release, which was the top-down shooter JoyJoy on the Xbox 360 digital marketplace. Of course we’ve become fans of Radiangames due to the numerous top-down shooters and puzzle games he’s released on mobile over the years, including JoyJoy. For the past couple of years Radiangames has been mostly focused on the top-down racing game Speed Demons which launched on Apple Arcade last fall and has seen some meaty content updates since then. Now with the ten-year anniversary looming, Radiangames is returning to his existing catalog of games to get them all spruced up and in working order on the latest mobile devices. The biggest part of this will be the re-release of Bombcats, a fun physics puzzler which was originally published by Chillingo way back in 2013. Here’s the original launch trailer.

Due to Chillingo being the original publisher and them basically being no more, this re-release uses a new app ID and thus you’ll need to repurchase the game even if you owned the original one. That’s not such a big deal though as although it’s called simply Bombcats it’s based on the expanded and fully premium Bombcats Special Edition version that launched later in 2013, and from when it launches this week on May 14th until May 21st it’ll be offered at a super low discount price of just 99¢ before settling at its regular price of $2.99. Radiangames also says if you’re fussed about the additional purchase you can reach out and he’ll send previous owners a code, but honestly I’m more than down to pay a measly buck for this game to live again. If you’d like you can pre-order the new Bombcats on the App Store for that discounted price right now.

As for the rest of the Radiangames library, the immediate focus will be on bringing back two other games which, along with Bombcats, weren’t even available on the App Store anymore. First will be the dual-stick shooter Ballistic SE which should be arriving on May 28th for $1.99, and next is the excellent block-dropping puzzler Slydris 2 which will be releasing on May 21st for $2.99. Both games will feature full screen support for new iOS devices and in the case of Slydris 2 it’ll actually be returning as a fully paid game rather than its previous free to play iteration. Also Radiangames was able to utilize the existing app IDs for these ones, so if you owned them previously those existing versions will receive these updates for free.

Further down the road the other Radiangames games that will be getting updates are Inferno 2, Super Crossfighter, Devastator, Fluid, CRUSH, and SideSwype. That will include full screen support and, in the case of all the shooters in the Radiangames library, iOS 13 controller support too. Other games like Pivotol and Scorcher are new enough to not need updating. Fireball SE and JoyJoy have already been modernized as part of GameClub, and Inferno+ will likely join them on that service eventually too. Once everything is updated and fully released on iOS and there are no major concerns, the same thing will happen to the Android versions of these games.

We have definitely enjoyed the heck out of Radiangames’s mobile output over the years and it’s fantastic news that these games will continue to live on in modernized fashion. You can read more about these anniversary updates over on the Radiangames website, and look forward to another big Speed Demons update as well as some brand new games from this developer in the future.