Mini Review: Game Tengoku CruisinMix Special – Jaleco’s Answer To Parodius Flies Again

This game is definitely for those that know about it and the Jaleco properties, or for those who are into the cute-em-up sub-genre of shmups. That is, don’t underestimate the cute style, or it could rip you apart if you’re not careful. There is also a combo system that’s a lite version of CAVE’s DoDonPachi series which has to do with how fast you collect the eggplant point items that drops from certain enemies. Basically, try to group those enemies into the same area of the screen when you kill them so you can grab all the eggplants in one go before the combo timer runs out (which is only about 1 second max, which resets every time you collect an eggplant).

I wasn’t expecting it, but the Data Mode HD gallery actually has a lot of charm to it. When you choose a game to look at, the characters (all voice acted and subtitled) talk about their game and will sometimes, often really, dig at each others’ arcade flyer art for looking lame while revealing bits of development and reception history. I like how Homura (the Pro Yakyuu/Bases Loaded guy) totally hypes up his series only to be shot down by Clarice who poke holes at the “realistic baseball” aspect for infamous game glitches like automatic strikes after certain pitches, being able to bunt for a home run, or making fun of how the cameras were changed in the 3rd game, etc. The menu even takes a stab at Tatsujin/Truxton in the description about the awesome-looking, but ultimately weak, lightning laser. (it’s really horrible, and the Truxton power up system does it no favors)

For people on the fence, it’s a good classic shooter, but you’ll probably want to wait for a sale. I got in with the 20% off pre-release sale, so hopefully something similar will come along later. I still need to take more time with the game, especially with the Classic Saturn mode for the story. Maybe there’s unlockables? I don’t know, yet.

@ToneDeath Borders, yes they can be turned off and there’s designs based on screenshots of all the main properties involved (none for Pro Yakyuu or Tatsujin, unfortunately). However, you have to pause in-game to make those changes. Once paused, you can hold ZL+ZR and tap left or right to change the wallpaper, or you can hold L+R and tap down to change the brightness all the way down until the wallpaper disappears. Clunky, I know.

Ok this does need to be mentioned, unless I’m missing something somewhere, but TATE mode seems to only be available in the Classic (Saturn) game mode as it’s something you have to choose before selecting your ship. I don’t see any way to activate it in Arcade Mode+.