Facebook’s Manage Activity feature lets you bulk hide and delete old posts

Facebook announced a new feature today that’s all about making your profile not stand out for the wrong reasons, say when you’re looking for a job and a possible employer looks you up.

Manage Activity is the name, bulk deletion and hiding of past posts is the game. It lets you curate your presence on Facebook in a much more streamlined way than before.

You can archive (nee hide) content you no longer want others to see, but still want to keep for yourself over on the social network. There’s also a trash bin, where you can move stuff you no longer want to ever see again.

Content will stay there for 30 days, giving you ample time to change your mind, after which things get automatically deleted. Of course you can restore anything from the trash within that 30-day period. Whether it’s archiving or sending to trash, you can do either thing in bulk. You even get filters, to quickly jump to posts with specific people or ones from a specific date range, for example.

Manage Activity is available on Facebook Lite today, and will make it to the normal mobile apps soon, and desktop in the future.

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