Blockchain Bites: The Government Won’t ‘Kill DeFi’ but FATF Might Compromise Anonymity

Your favorite blockchain protocol?

Bitcoin forever and always

Your #1 favorite crypto hero?


Your favorite quality in an entrepreneur?

Curiosity – people ask “why?”

Your biggest fear?

Loss of freedom and agency

What would you value bitcoin at today?


One word on how you got into crypto?

The internet

Who is your crypto hero?

Satoshi (same as 2)

What should crypto disrupt next?

First disrupt money, next comes the state

Public or private?

Public, but with privacy

Permissioned or permissionless?


Your best example of sovereignty?

Running bitcoin

Your net worth?

Hah, absolutely not

What defines Satoshi?

Spiritual leader of a social movement that will change the course of human history

Your favorite economist?

Anna Schwartz, who co-authored the influential book “A Monetary History of the United States” with Milton Friedman which analyzed the Fed’s role in perpetuating the Great Depression, for which he received the Nobel prize, but she did not. She was a brilliant analyst of monetary policy, and very outspoken in her criticism of the Fed. Legend!

Which living person do you most despise?

No one. I don’t have enough energy to despise other people. Indifference is more powerful than hate.

When and where were you when you first heard about BTC?

Don’t recall, but I was working on an M&A project in China when I first started down the rabbit hole, so I was in a random hotel room somewhere in China realizing I actually did not really like my job or my life very much.

Do you mine? Would you mine?

No and maybe, I do run a full node but mining is a specialized activity that requires scale.

Your favorite revisionist moment from crypto history?

Everything surrounding the DAO “hack” and what happened afterwards. Even calling it a “hack” is wildly mis-leading.

Your favorite non-crypto book?

Tie between Siddhartha by Herman Hesse and Dune by Frank Herbert

Your most visited webpage?

Twitter, of course