‘100% Golf’ is a Unique Spin on Golf from the Creator of ‘Corporate Salmon’, Coming June 11th

Whether you’re flopping up an escalator in a business suit in Corporate Salmon, combining shooting and jumping in SHUMP, or playing a brick-breaking alien abducting humans in Break N Take, we’re pretty big fans of whatever indie developer Alexander Johansson is putting out on mobile. His latest endeavor takes on the timeless pastime of golf and puts an interesting twist on it. It’s called 100% Golf and it’s an extremely simplistic putting game where you simply pull back on your ball to determine shot power and aim for the hole in each level. The twist is that instead of a traditional par system that counts how many strokes it takes for you to hole the ball, 100% Golf gives you just 100 percentage points to get the job done. So say you pull back on your initial shot for a 35% power. You let that shot loose but it comes up short of the hole. So now you have just 65% of your bar left to set up another shot. And so on and so forth. When you’re done with a round the percentage points leftover after each hole act as your score. Check out the trailer for 100% Golf.

I think golfing games are one of the best fits for the touchscreen on mobile devices, especially when the control mechanics have you pulling back to determine the strength and direction of your shot. It just feels right, and there have been some fantastic simplified golf games on mobile over the years. 100% Golf looks to be another one to add to the list and it comes with its own unique twist on the traditional scoring in golf. There will be 3 pre-designed courses to master as well as a mode featuring endless random courses. The game is scheduled to launch on June 11th and is currently available for pre-order on the App Store. It’ll be free with ads and an option to remove those ads with a one-time IAP. If you enjoy golf games on mobile it’s one to keep an eye on.